November 29, 2021

Download Climber: Sky is the Limit PC Game FREE – Torrent

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Climber: Sky is the Limit is a unique survival and simulation game in which players become winter climbers. To be successful, you need to plan your trip, prepare the appropriate equipment, choose a path, face extreme weather conditions, and survive. Only the sky is the limit!

Release date:
October 1st – Demo available

About this game

Climber: Sky is the Limit is a game with a unique mix of survival and simulation. As a player, you are a climber who climbs the most difficult and dangerous peaks on earth. To be successful, you need to carefully plan your trip by preparing the appropriate equipment, choosing a suitable trail, facing extreme weather conditions, and surviving. Overcome your limits, overcome your fear and reach heaven.

Reach the top

Every expedition is different and the way up is a big challenge. Overcome your fear, face your limits and reach the top. To do this: Cross dangerous paths using specialized equipment such as ice axes, lifelines, or carabiners.

Face numerous dangers

During the ride you will encounter various obstacles such as snow storms, precipices, vertical walls, steep traverses, icy slopes and crevasses. The key to success lies in carefully planning the next steps and using the right equipment at the right time.

Plan your expedition

Before you set off, decide which route will best lead you to the summit, taking into account the weather conditions and weather windows. Sometimes it is better to take the risk and choose a more difficult route, but thanks to this you can get to the top before a blizzard.


The key to survival is having the right tools when you need them. Each piece of equipment has its weight, but it also makes the next step difficult. Make sure you have enough to eat to regenerate your strength, or have a warm jacket and sleeping bag to warm up after a day of climbing.
Good timing also plays an important role during the expedition. In the high mountains, where the weather changes quickly and night falls very quickly, plan ahead to set up camp in the right place so you can rest before the next challenging day.

Key Features

  • Climb some of the most famous peaks in the world like Everest, K2, Broad Peak, and others.
  • Face a variety of environmental challenges from precipices, vertical walls, steep traverses, icy slopes, treacherous crevasses, and more.
  • Use specialized equipment to negotiate dangerous trails and slopes such as ice axes, carabiners, and lifelines.
  • Manage and plan for harsh weather conditions such as snow storms, extreme winds and falling temperatures.
  • Maintain your health and strength by balancing stamina, morale, temperature, and hunger.
  • Plan each point of your trip, pack only the bare essentials, choose your route (will you take the safer or riskier route?), Prepare for the daily hike and weather conditions.
  • Apply for sponsorship contracts to purchase additional equipment and fund future excursions, but be aware that these can involve incredible challenges.
  • An immersive experience made as realistic as possible with the advice of experienced mountaineers.


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Download Climber: Sky is the Limit PC Game
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