November 29, 2021

Download Spire of Sorcery PC Game FREE – Torrent

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Lead a group of runaway magicians through uncharted lands full of dangerous encounters! Combine spells, alchemy and equipment to defeat your opponents. Unlock spells, discover recipes, find new party members, and expand the tower to find your own way to repair the world!

Release date:
Oct 21, 2021

About this game

Spire of Sorcery as a turn-based party role-playing game in which you use spells, alchemy and a little gear to explore a world full of dangerous encounters. Engage with creatures from the realms of life, death and chaos to help the sentient citadel repair the broken world!

  • Explore the pristine world of Rund to discover creatures, resources, and recipes
  • Cast spells, including combos, to influence enemies and trigger environmental effects
  • Brewing together substances that range from healing to explosive
  • Defeat encounters by combining the effects of spells, alchemy and equipment
  • Manage your party keeping in mind the mood and personal characteristics of its members
  • Find new group members and increase their stats to reach their true potential
  • Try every resource you can find to change the look of your group members
  • Gather resources to prepare food that can taste good (or terrible).
  • Expand the tower with new rooms that offer new mechanics
  • Break into ancient barrows, drive away cursed Weiner and fight infection-ridden giggles
  • Dissolve mini-stories that raise moral choices and affect the mood of your party

The world is bigger than just playing through and there are alternative solutions for every challenge. Try it and succeed – or customize and repeat!


The empire, the last known shard of human civilization, stretches along the west coast of Rund. The Emperor controls the Lords, and the Lords exploit the rest of the population, already hardened by unfriendly nature. East of the Empire, across the Great River, begins the Wild Lands. Once civilized, they are now home to predators, ghosts and demons. Further to the southeast is the land of the non-human tribes: Gloomy Swamps, Elderwood, Blue Mountains, Deceptive Plains … all full of resources. Further still are the distorted lands: the source of chaos and a cause of growing concern among non-humans.


Occasionally a person with the magical talent is born on Rund. This invisible power is feared by the established order of the Empire, for little is known about the potential of a trained magician. The Inquisition, a separate armed force that is not subordinate to any state official, roams the cities and villages and tracks down the use of magic they call corruption. Crammed into the sanctuaries for the depraved, the suspected magicians are brought under the watchful eye to work for the good of the Empire. The general public supports politics – because magic is an unknown, and on Rund you avoid dealing with the unknown.


Deep in the Wild Lands, at the foot of the Blue Mountains, lies the Tower of Magic: a sentient citadel that slept for centuries. Maybe it was a sacrificial site, maybe it was a moving castle, maybe both. It’s a dark legend from the past, just like the Rusted Forest and the Sea of ​​Bones. But one day the tower wakes up – threatened by the distorted lands that are beginning to invade its surroundings and by the accumulation of imperial legions that want to march east to pillage the settlements of the non-humans. Fresh from its slumber, the tower sends out a call that reverberates in Rund and reaches the magicians who are imprisoned by the Inquisition. Among the mages who answer the call and try to escape, three manage to cross the Great River, and this is where the story of the apex of sorcery really begins …


Spire of Sorcery was created by Charlie Oscar. This is the second major release by our team. Previously, we shipped the native digital board game Gremlins, Inc. For the past seven years we’ve been working to create original games that reward players with new experiences!


The game is already big enough – and deep enough – to provide 4 to 8 hours of gameplay with plenty of repetition options. We aim to bring the game to a wider audience as our development process is based on feedback and iterations. Many of the funniest features in the game were developed during community discussions!


We update the game every month with quality of life improvements and every two months with new chapters and new mechanics. That way, you’ll regularly have new challenges to try and mechanics to try – all the way through to full release.


We aim to reach version 1.0 before the end of 2022. We are determined to deliver new content and new mechanics asap, and improve the balance and user interface based on the feedback we receive.


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