April 20, 2021

SIVA : The God Of Destruction Hack / Cheats Android iOS [2021]

SIVA : The God Of Destruction Hack / Cheats Android iOS [2021]


  1. Run game (menu)

  2. Minimalize game and run Injecter

  3. After injected back to the game.

  4. Enjoy! Your game has been unlocked- get received unlimited all premium and normal resources, remove ads and premium features. Using the injecter is fast, simple and 100% safe.

Click here to use Injecter!

Game description:

SIVA : The God of Destruction will open officially at 12:00 UTC+9 10 Feb!

MMORPG, Put a period with SIVA!

☆Non-Stop Infinite PK! This is K-RPG!
– Everywhere you see, the Battlefield!
We’re recruiting Warriors who were Thirsty for Real PK!

☆Kill and Kill again! This is Bloodbath!
– True law of the Jungle!
Sweep everything you see in front of you without hesitation!

☆Rage at Weakness! This is Siege Warfare!
– Enjoy Great Authority through the fierce Siege Warfare!
Winner of Siege Warfare becomes King of Server right away!

☆Why not Killing and Stealing the boss!
– From Superb Equipment Until VIP Point!
Let’s rob of the Boss Pocket and take care of my Wallet’s Health!

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